Three reports are being planned:
  Research report on the technical feasibility and suggested approaches, including a vision for integration into the smart streets / smart communities of the future.  

While the technology for Autonomous vehicles continues to be more sophisticated, its use in Urban environments has a unique set of challenges. The report adresses those challenges and proposes a guidence path to city planners. the report will also include similar advice to private operators

City of Toronto Report: This is the Executive Summary of a research report by CAVCOE on Automated Sidewalk Winter Maintenance. February 2021. (Published with the permission of the City of Toronto.)


  Research report on the regulatory environment at all 3 levels of government.  
  Regulation is a key factor in the deployment of any Automated vehicles. While this is being addressed in the Motor Vehicle environment less is being done in the off-road vehicles sector. The need for national regulations and international standards is at an early stage. Safety is one key component for approval by the regulatory bodies.  
  Research report into the market for automated sidewalk snow-plows, especially among Canadian municipalities.  
  Market research forms a key component into the success of any new product or concept. Many potential stakeholders (including the suppliers) and manufacturers, need to appreciate the potential market opportunity. CASPI will use its research capabilities to identify the potential market in both the urban and rural sectors.  


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