The CASPI mission is to build a future where sidewalk
maintenance solutions utlilize automated technologies.

This begins with your CASPI membership.  
  1   Build the Canadian ecosystem for automated snow plows for sidewalks and trails  
2   Access to research studies including:  
  • Technical feasibility and integration into the smart communities if the future.
  • Regulatory environment in all three levels of Government.
  • Market studies on automatedsidewalk snow plows among Canadian municipalities.
  • Roadmap on standards in this space.
  • Alternative uses of snow plows year round.
3   Participation in an annual University snow plow competition.  
4   Participation in an annual conference  
5   Discount pricing on conference registration, sponsorships and trade shows.  
of Membership

greater than 10,000 households.

 Households of
between 3,000 and 10,000.

sHouseholds of less than 3,000.


Note: Municipal II can include Suppliers, Service providers and
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