2020 Technical report winner

TEAM VAUL - Laval University, Quebec City, QC.

CASPI is pleased to announce that Team VAUL from Laval University is the winner of the technical paper portion of the 2020 Student Snow Plow Competition. Congratulations!

The photo shows Maxime Vaidis, President of VAUL (Véhicule Autonome Université Laval) and the winning team.

Team Laval

Other Competing teams

Six student teams participated in the competition: Team VAUL and:
    Carleton Autonomous Rovers - Carleton University
    Fanshawe Falcons  - Fanshawe College
    McMaster Autoplow - McMaster University
    OC Autoplow - University of Ottawa, Carleton University
    Team Caribou - University of Ottawa, Carleton University

The Task

The students submitted comprehensive technical papers detailing their autonomous vehicles at the end of April -- despite the challenges of working as a team during the Covid-19 pandemic. A panel of judges systematically reviewed the technical papers for technical rigour in a number of areas: propulsion system, communications system, system safety, etc. and general technical writing skill. The judges held the papers to a very high professional standard and provided feedback accordingly to the student teams.

Sad Note
Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, the on-site competition phase of the competition has been cancelled and will be rescheduled.