Frequently Asked Questions
Last updated 17 February 2021
  Question 1 Is there a cost to register?  
  Question 2 Is there a maximum number to how many people can be on a team?    
  Question 3 Where is the event being held?   
  Question 4 Do we have to pay for accommodation and food for our team members?   
  Question 5 What are the criteria for a student being eligible to enter? (course, year, semester, other)?    
  Question 6 How will the teams be organized?    
  Question 7 Can the teams be organized from mixed years?    
  Question 8 Can a commercial entity enter the competition?    
  Question 9 Can teams be made up from or in part with a commercial entity?    
  Question 10 Does our team need a faculty supervisor to provide oversight and endorse the project?    
  Question 11 What is the deadline for registration?    
  Question 12 How many days are students expected to be available for the technical demonstration competition?    
  Question 13 Next Question?    
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