CASPI hosted the 2021 Canadian Automated Snow Plow Competition
CASPI staff have managed the student competitions in 2019 and 2020. For 2021, the competition (because of Covid-19) the Phase II of the competition was held remotely.
  • It took place on Friday May 14th 2021
  • Awards ceremony was also held remotly on May 16th 2021
Autonomous snow plows are a next-generation engineering challenge that have tremendous economic and social potential. The aim of this student competition was to provide an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge and skills from the classroom to a tangible real-world problem, and to develop technical and business skills required to excel in today’s high-tech world.
The Challenge
A major snowstorm had dumped a load of snow on the city just in time for the annual Winter Festival. What to do? Fortunately, an R&D company you have co-founded has developed autonomous ground vehicle technology. Your company has developed an autonomous snow plow and thinks that this is a great opportunity to test the prototype. Your company offers to help the city with this emergency and the city has accepted, provided that your team is available to operate it.
Teams are required to develop a snow plow capable of completing a number of snow clearing tasks that may involve recognition of objects, detecting and avoiding hazards and path-finding. Additionally, teams will be required to provide a presentation on their design. Teams are scored on their design, their pitch, and their snow plow’s ability to complete one or more of the set challenges.
The Competition
There were two phases to the competition; a prize was awarded to the winning team in each phase.
Phase 1 - Technical Report: Teams prepared and delivered a report on the technical design (approximately 10 pages) to the competition judging panel.

Phase 2 - Teams participated in a technical presentation over Zoom to demonstrate autonomous functionality in three areas. i) perception, ii) prediction, and iii) planning

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Winner of Phases 1&2 for 2021 was
Laval  University
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